Freewallet’s ethereum wallet now available for iOS users

Announcements | July 22, 2016 By:

Freewallet has announced the launch of its Ethereum Wallet on Apple iOS mobile platform.

“We are sharing Apple’s vision on product development. Keep-it-simple philosophy is what our users love about our products. Starting on iOS is a challenge for us, as iPhone users are much more sensitive to product design and user experience,” Freewallet founder Alvin Hagg.

Freewallet has started less than 6 months ago and has grown to 15 000 users. The userbase of mobile-first cryptocurrency wallets has been organically growing, without any marketing expenses and PR activities.

“Freewallet is more focused on product development and customer service, than on promotion. We prefer providing timely support to our customers, rather than doing massive PR. We believe brand, loyalty and trust are built on customer experience, not on marketing budgets,” Hagg added.

Freewallet is a well-known developer with mobile wallets for four different digital currencies at the moment. While the Bitcoin wallet is popular among the users, other wallets created by the company includes the Ethereum Wallet, Monero Wallet, and Fantomcoin Wallet. Unlike other simple mobile wallets, the Freewallet application also includes built-in exchange and cold storage, making it stand apart from most of the players in the sector.