Gnosis Joins Open DeFi Alliance To Provide Global Access To Resilient, Fair And Secure DeFi Tools

Announcements, Blockchain, Group, News | March 4, 2021 By:

Gnosis, the team building new market mechanisms for decentralized finance (DeFi), has joined Aave, Gitcoin and Synthetix on the Open DeFi alliance to help develop three aspects of the DeFi ecosystem: Risk Management, liquidity and innovation.

The Gnosis team developed both Gnosis Protocol DEX and the Gnosis Safe Multisig, two leading platforms in the industry, Gnosis Safe alone secures more than $14BN in digital assets – making Gnosis an established and significant player in the current DeFi movement.

Gnosis joining the Open DeFi alliance, which aims to provide tools for DeFi innovators who need a helping hand, provides creative financial mechanisms for introducing new asset classes like NFTs to DeFi markets.

“As a project that has been working on ‘decentralized finance’ before the term existed, at Gnosis we’ve been thrilled to see the DeFi space has grown rapidly in the past 12 months. Through participation in the Open DeFi alliance, we look forward to nurturing and promoting some promising up-and-coming DeFi projects.” said Stefan George, CTO of Gnosis.

The alliance places particular emphasis on bridging the gap between DeFi projects and communities scattered around the globe, in order to streamline cross-border market growth, sustainability for DeFi, and further innovation.

“Gnosis brings in unique expertise in the digital assets management and decentralized prediction markets, which are crucial components to manage risks and liquidity in DeFi. As a member of Open DeFi, they bring valuable contributions to the active projects focused on making investments safer for institutional and retail investors, and will also provide creative financial mechanisms for introducing new asset classes like NFTs to DeFi markets.” said Eden Dhaliwal, Global Managing Director at Conflux Network.