Gods Unchained’s Token $GODS Breaking CoinList Sale Records

Announcements, Blockchain, ICO News, Investing, News | November 9, 2021 By:

Gods Unchained‘s $GODS token sale marked a new CoinList record with over 879,000 unique registrants. The token sale was exhausted within the first few hours, adding over 20,000 $GODS token holders to the Gods Unchained ecosystem.

$GODS is the new ERC-721 token from Gods Unchained, the play to earn (P2E) trading card game where players build strategic decks of NFT and off-chain cards to battle for supremacy. The token will work alongside the game as a core part of the game’s P2E ecosystem.

Not only can holders earn passive rewards through active staking, but the $GODS token also underpins the governance system which is baked into the game. Here, $GODS provides in-game utility allowing players to fuse in-game cards into NFTs that can then be used in-game or traded and sold on the market.

The token itself exists on Immutable X, the layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, meaning that no $GODS holder will be subject to the high transaction fees prevalent on the base layer of Ethereum. Tokens can bridge between Ethereum mainnet and Layer 2, depending on the holder’s preference.