Hawaiian legislators want to explore blockchain tech to help tourism

Blockchain | February 7, 2017 By:

Two Hawaiian politicians have submitted a bill that proposes setting up of a working group dedicated to digital currency and blockchain technology. This project is sponsored by Democratic Representatives Chris Lee and Mark Nakashima.

The aim of this project is to seek to have blockchain technology benefit local industries, tourism, residents and the state of Hawaii. If the project is approved, the working group will prepare a report exploring possible specific use cases, Hawaii, in addition to providing information on how the state itself would take advantage of such technology, it should be noted that the area of ​​greatest interest in exploiting technology in the tourism sector. Proponents of the bill suggest that the state should consider technology as a means to encourage overseas visitors to spend, thereby boosting the local economy.

“Digital currencies such as bitcoin have broad benefits for Hawaii. A large portion of Hawaii’s tourism market comes from Asia where the use of bitcoin as a virtual currency is expanding,” the bill reads. “Hawaii has the unique opportunity to explore the use of blockchain technology to make it easier for visitors to consume local goods and services and to drive the tourism economy.”

In propagating blockchain, Hawaii joins an increasing number of US states jumping on the disruptive fintech bandwagon. Of these, Texas is especially active in terms of consumer services, with the cities of Austin and Houston hosting a range of dedicated startups.