Heifer International now accepts bitcoin donations via BitPay

Now Accepting | July 6, 2016 By:

Heifer International announced that it is accepting bitcoin donations for its work to end hunger and poverty around the world.

The Arkansas-based nonprofit organization, which provides gifts of livestock and agricultural training to combat world hunger and poverty, has partnered with bitcoin payment processor BitPay for the initiative.

“Bitcoin is gaining recognition and value globally, so we are excited to offer this universal digital currency as an option for donors,” Ferrari said. “By reducing fees for transactions, bitcoin will also allow Heifer to devote a greater percentage of donations to serving families,” said Heifer president and CEO Pierre Ferrari.

As BitPay can process microtransactions as small as a few pennies, donors will be able to give any amount they want. Once a transaction is received, BitPay will provide Heifer with a bank deposit in the form of local currency at the current exchange rate.