Hybrid Wallet Paycent Adds Dash Support

Announcements, News | May 10, 2018 By:

Hybrid wallet Paycent has added support for Dash, making the cryptocurrency available for instant payments to over 36 million merchants around the world.

Paycent is a global mobile dual e-wallet powered by Texcent, a Singapore-based company dedicated to deliver fully integrated mobile applications. Paycent runs on an entirely virtual channel and is comprised of two apps: one for users and one for merchants. They offer both a digital payment platform so they can send and receive funds, shop, and pay bills without using cash or credit cards.

The Dash integration, which is made possible through blockchain web services and infrastructure provider BlockCypher, will enable users and merchants to buy, sell, and convert between digital assets in seconds with the Paycent app on iOS and Android, as well as exchanging Dash. In addition to conversion between digital assets, Dash users can utilize Paycent’s Dash-to-fiat instant liquidity functionality as an option for local merchant payments.

“Paycent’s real-time transaction speed and multiplatform API makes this a great opportunity for anyone, regardless of experience with digital assets, to make payments to merchants and pay cross-border remittances using their smartphone,” said Bradley Zastrow, Director of Business Development at Dash Core Group. “This is the kind of integration that makes cryptocurrency’s payments potential a reality to the global public.”

Dash is the thirteenth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and is currently trading at $455 USD. After its latest network upgrade, Dash claims that it is about 200x cheaper than bitcoin, with eight times the capacity to verify transactions every second.

“One of the reservations the average day person has with utilizing cryptocurrencies is transaction settlement times,” said Nitin Gupta, COO of Paycent. “No other digital asset can compete with Dash’s InstantSend transaction speed. Dash allows merchants the ability to receive payments instantly from customer, making Dash one of the first entries into real-life consumer payments making it no different as if you were to swipe a credit or debit card.”