Hyperledger Announces New Project To Help Deliver Supply Chain Solutions

Blockchain, News | January 24, 2019 By:

Hyperledger, the Linux Foundation’s open-source blockchain technology project, has unveiled a new framework that provides blockchain tools for all types of cross-industry supply chain scenarios.

Called Hyperledger Grid, the framework aims to provide reference implementations of supply chain-centric data types, data models, and smart contract based business logic – all anchored on existing, open standards and industry best practices.

“Grid is not a blockchain and it’s not an application,” Hyperledger said. “Grid is an ecosystem of technologies, frameworks, and libraries that work together, letting application developers make the choice as to which components are most appropriate for their industry or market model.”

Currently in development, Hyperledger Grid intends to showcase authentic and practical ways of combining components from the Hyperledger stack into a single, effective business solution. To accelerate development for supply chain smart contracts and client interfaces, the framework will offer a set of libraries, data models, and software development kits (SDK).

“This project aims to facilitate the use of Hyperledger technologies for supply chain use cases by providing higher-level abstractions and reusable building blocks specifically suited toward these use cases: higher level abstractions than conventionally provided by the lower-level blockchain platform stacks, distributed problems related to multi-party interactions, and compositions of features required by supply chain usages,” Hyperledger said.

The sponsor companies, which include Cargill, Intel and Bitwise IO, will provide resources to refine use cases, development, testing and field trial.

“Endorsements and/or contributions are in flight from several other organizations,” Hyperledger said. “We are excited by the enthusiastic response from like-minded members of the community and look forward to collaborating further.”