ICO Advisory Firm Launched By Bitwage

Announcements, ICO News | May 30, 2018 By:

Bitcoin payroll and wage payment service Bitwage has created a new advisory firm that creates and deploys solutions for launching initial coin offerings (ICO).

Founded in 2013, Bitwage helps companies payout to their distributed workforces and helps employees, freelancers and contractors receive their wages all over the world, including Philippines, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. It provides employers the ability to pay employees in bitcoin and employees/freelancers the ability to receive wages in bitcoin without their employer or clients signing up.

The new advisory firm, called Inwage, provides easy-to-deploy services for companies of all sizes to launch their ICOs. It offers a complete website that can be hosted by Inwage or the client directly, which includes a secure signup process, know your customer (KYC) module, payment processing module, dividend module, customizable front page, and an admin portal. It also provides assistance with creating and auditing smart contracts, as well as marketing and public relations.

Inwage has already worked with GS Mining Company, LLC and Ethmint LLC to launch the Moria token. The Moria ICO reportedly raised $50 million, a figure that was roughly 40 percent higher than the $30 million target initially set for the ICO.

“In order to achieve this goal, they trusted the technical expertise and blockchain experience of InWage – which not only advised on the ICO, but also helped with platform development, technical services, and security compliance,” said BitWage president Jonathan Chester.

In addition, Bitwage also launched Ether Inputs, a solution that allows ICO companies to fund payrolls with both ether and bitcoin, while employees are then able to choose whatever percentage they want to receive in local currencies.

“Many companies running ICOs raise funds in ethereum and bitcoin, but are unable to obtain bank accounts to pay their workers,” Chester said. “As a result, workers of ICO companies are often unable to receive their wages in local currencies. In order to help companies pay workers around the world in the currency of their choice, we have decided to launch Ether Inputs.”