ICO Wrap – Initial Coin Offering and Token News Summary November 13, 2017

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An update on initial coin offerings that are either underway or coming up in November. Please note that Block Tribune does not endorse any of the companies, but provides this merely for informational purposes. As with any investment, conduct due diligence before making any capital outlays….

Name Symbol Starts On Ends On
BiafraCoin BFC 12/1/2017 12/31/2017
FLUX COIN FLUX 12/1/2017 12/31/2017
ConnectJob CJT 12/1/2017 12/20/2017
Storiqa STQ 11/28/2017 12/28/2017
UTToken UTT 11/30/2017 12/24/2017
Blockchain Traded Fund BTF
MIND MIND 11/17/2017 12/16/2017
Arker ARKER 11/10/2017 12/30/2017
Brixby NA 2/1/2018 3/31/2018
Brixby NA 2/1/2018 3/31/2018
Caviar CAV 11/28/2017 1/31/2018
Democracy Earth Foundation ICO VOTE 1/15/2018 2/15/2018
LydianCoin LDN 11/20/2017 11/27/2017
Moya Networks MTK 11/15/2017 12/15/2017
Neufund NEU 11/17/2017 12/17/2017
Tokens.net DTR 11/6/2017 12/6/2017

Today’s Headlines

Jbox Uses Blockchain To Challenge YouTube Domination

London’s JBox is a blockchain video streaming application founded in 2016 that incentivizes users to upload videos to its platform and pays in JBX coins for viewing them. They are underway with an initial coin offering that concludes December 8, hoping to raise funds to upgrade its platform server,

Human Discovery Platform Announces ICO

Human Discovery Platform (HDP) has announced its upcoming initial coin offering (ICO), which will begin on November 22. Appoximately 100 million HD-tokens, based on the ethereum protocol, will be available to contributors in the token sale.