InChain launches ICO

ICO News, Investing | October 17, 2016 By:

Inchain launched an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to raise an investment funds for the security of crypto assets due to cyber hacks.

Following events in blockchains recent history where property has been lost due to a hack or other illicit activity, the platform provides the ability for users to insure against full or partial loss of their assets. InChain also offers investment options and governance of an insurance fund via a DAO.

The InChain team plan is to first build blockchain insurance products for the cryptocurrency community then expand into more comprehensive industry solutions for the general insurance industry within two years. A key feature of the platform is that the insurance fund is managed in line with the principles of distributed autonomous organizations (DAOs).

A spokesperson explained: “InChain provides tools for two user groups: those who own cryptoassets, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, and wish to insure their risks; and those willing to invest their cryptoassets in order to gain profits from the investment.”