Israeli Investment Platform iCapital To Invest In Blockchain Firm Enecuum

Blockchain, Investing | August 13, 2018 By:

Blockchain platform Enecuum and Israeli fund management platform iCapital have signed an agreement for long-term cooperation.

Enecuum is a blockchain platform focused mobile mining system. The company aims to solve the scaling problem of the blockchain network, while supporting three mining algorithms: PoS, PoW, and PoA. The platform is utilizing “shared secret” technology to allow smartphone users to increase the power of his or her device for the verification and validation of transactions, calculation of smart contracts and decentralized data storage. Enecuum’s blockchain does not rely on video cards for its processing power. Instead it gains power and speed through the number of participants on its network. The more smartphones there are in the network, the greater the network’s processing capacity. The platform also allows the client to create almost any solution for B2B and B2C segments: from payment services to secure corporate data exchange systems.

iCapital is an investment firm focused on startups developing blockchain technology. The firm offers its global community of accredited investors, family offices and VCs, access to prime investment opportunities in the blockchain space through their online investment platform, as well as through an actively managed fund. In addition, iCapital offer custodian services and an advisory service to blockchain projects.

Before signing the documents, the team from iCapital conducted due diligence on Enecuum project and determined it qualified for funding by iCapital subsequent to passing their “rigorous due diligence process.” Under the partnership, Shelly Hod Moyal, the Founding Partner of iCapital and iAngels, the Israeli VC and investment platform for high-tech equity deals with $140M assets under management, will become Enecuum’s project advisor.

“We started investing in blockchain three years ago as we identify that the innovation of this technology has the potential to revolutionize and disrupt many aspects of our lives,” iCapital General Manager Agada Nameri said. “We are passionate about projects where we can add value to the teams and support their efforts. As an investment platform that sees many projects from all over the world, we were particularly impressed by how Enecuum aims to solve current blockchains’ issues related to scalability, speed and security by applying a hybrid mechanism involving mobile mining and an evolutionary data structure which is a merger between traditional blockchains and directed acyclic graphs.”

Mikhail Saifullin, co-founder and CEO of Enecuum, said that blockchain is an entirely new class of assets and it is gaining increasing popularity among funds and individuals who seek to diversify their portfolios.

“We express our deep gratitude to the iCapital team for their high level of appreciation and trust in our product,” Saiullin said.