Lawsuit Claims San Diego Man Defrauded Friend of Life Savings Invested in Bitcoin

News | April 10, 2024 By:

On Wednesday, March 6, 2024, Andrew Hester, a resident of San Diego County, California, filed a civil lawsuit against Eric Jacorian Antwoine Norris also of San Diego County. The complaint alleges five causes of action including intentional misrepresentation and concealment, breach of contract, conversion, unfair business practices, and violation of bad check laws.

According to court documents, Hester and Norris met in mid-2022 and developed a friendship. Norris reportedly told Hester he was successful and wealthy, having sold an app to Apple and having millions in the bank. In spring 2023, Norris encouraged Hester to invest in Bitcoin, saying it was a good opportunity. Hester claims he relied on Norris’ representations of success and trustworthiness and purchased Bitcoin directly from Norris.

The complaint states that in May 2023, Hester also co-signed a vehicle loan for Norris for a 2019 Honda Civic, paying a $2000 down payment with the understanding Norris would make all payments. However, Norris allegedly failed to make any payments, damaging Hester’s credit. When Bitcoin transfers from Norris to Hester were delayed, the men entered into an agreement in August 2023 where Norris acknowledged receiving $40,000 from Hester for bitcoin and agreed to repay the full amount by November 1, 2023.

In December 2023, another agreement titled a “Bill of Sale” was executed, stating Norris would transfer 6 bitcoin worth $249,486 to Hester in exchange for the $52,000 already paid by Hester. However, bitcoin was never received by Hester. He claims Norris created a fake persona named “Beth Grenley” who sent messages about transfers that never occurred. Eventually, Hester discovered Norris had defrauded him of his life savings through an orchestrated scheme.

The complaint alleges Norris’ actions constituted unfair business practices under California law regarding bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions. It claims he intentionally misled Hester and omitted plans to steal the funds. This caused Hester depression and financial damages estimated at over $249,000. If found liable, Norris could owe punitive damages as well as legal fees.

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