LibertyX now owns 16 bitcoin kiosks in Miami

Announcements | September 21, 2016 By:

LibertyX announced it has added new bitcoin kiosks and now owns 16 bitcoin kiosks in the Miami area.

The 16 bitcoin vending machines that let users buy cryptocurrency in exchange for cash, charges 4% fee for buying bitcoins, which are lower than other regions. While most kiosks charge 4%, some devices charge 5% or even 7% on top of the current market price.

The kiosks are located in public places, centers and corporations in Miami including places like La Cadena Supermarket, Mercadito Miami Centro Americano, El Super Colmadon, Florida Wireless Konnection, among other locations.

LibertyX also offers a store referral form. Users who wish to bring LibertyX store to their neighborhood can refer a store. When their referred store signs up, the firm will send them $100 in bitcoins as a bonus. This bonus will be split and the referred user will get $50 in bitcoins when the store signs up and the rest $50 after the store sells $1000.