Moonwalk and Palm Partner to Simplify Web3 for Brands and Creators

News | May 13, 2022 By:

Moonwalk and Palm are simplifying Web3 for brands and creators with a new strategic partnership that enables brands and creators on the Palm Network to create and deploy virtual communities using Moonwalk’s no code web3 platform.

Moonwalk is a no-code NFT and Web3 platform for brands, creators and communities. Moonwalk’s platform is the easiest way to enable brands, creators, and communities to create their own branded Web3 economies. The Moonwalk platform drives engagement and revenue by interconnecting NFTs, social tokens and utility across a brand’s digital ecosystem, from social to content and shopping.

The Palm network is an Ethereum-compatible sidechain, built to serve as the foundation of a new scalable and sustainable ecosystem for NFTs. It is designed by, and for, Ethereum developers and features low gas costs and fast transaction finality. The Palm network uses the IBFT-2 consensus mechanism, a rotating Proof of Authority consensus method, in lieu of Proof of Work.

Starting today, Moonwalk customers will have the ability to mint NFTs on the Palm network directly from the Moonwalk Customer Dashboard. Moonwalk customers minting on the Palm network can add dynamic utility to Palm network NFTs, including rewards, live event ticket access, gated content, e-commerce and social integrations, metaverse features, real world unlockables, and more.

“We believe in a future where NFTs are more than just collectables: they are the very building blocks of a new community-driven web,” said Dan Heyman, Co-Founder and CEO of Palm NFT Studio. “Through this new partnership, Moonwalk is helping our community members transform NFTs into digital assets that connect communities, drive engagement, and reward true fans.”

“Palm NFT Studio is powering some of the most interesting and innovative NFT projects in the world,” said Greg Consiglio, Co-Founder of Moonwalk. “Through this partnership, Moonwalk will be able to help brands, creators, and developers on the Palm network add utility and engagement to their projects in as little as 10 minutes, with no coding knowledge required.“