NASA petitioned to create bitcoin wallets to trade on Mars

Announcements | December 23, 2016 By:

Roman Koshlyak, a former Facebook software engineer and current CEO of Troider, an experimental content publishing platform, has created a petition asking NASA, an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government, to “create bitcoin wallets for Curiosity and Opportunity and put private keys on Mars.”

The private key of wallet will be on Mars and that any transaction between that wallet and another wallet will be the transaction between Mars and Earth. Roman Koshlyak has detailed in a technical explanation giving an example that if one private key of bitcoin transaction located in Germany and another one in France, then this is a bitcoin transaction between Germany and France. Hence, the first private key is located on Earth and another private key located on Mars, then the transaction would be between Earth and Mars.

“If NASA will place a private bitcoin keys on Curiosity and Opportunity, even better if they will generate them on Mars, and provide public keys to people of Earth, we would be able to trade with Mars by paying to Curiosity and Opportunity,” the petition stated.

Koshlyak’s petition still has a long way to go before it gets a response from the White House. Currently, six people have signed the petition, which needs 99,994 signatures by January 13, 2017.