New Study Reveals The Most Googled Questions About Cryptocurrency

News | June 16, 2022 By:

The study, conducted by crypto focused personal finance advisors, has analyzed which questions about crypto are the most asked on the web based on search levels for keywords such as “crypto” and “cryptocurrency”.

What is cryptocurrency” is by far the most asked question, with 121,000 average monthly searches, followed by “what is crypto” with 31,000 average monthly searches, for a total of 152,000 searches each month made by people wondering about this “mysterious” asset.

So indeed, what is crypto?

Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital money that’s based on blockchain technology, which simply means that there is no authority regulating and managing its value, making it different to fiat currency such as pounds or dollars. Its transactions are registered on an open ledger that records transactions codes and is distributed across computers around the world (definition of a blockchain).

Third on the list with 24,000 monthly searches is the question “how to buy cryptocurrency”.

The answer to this question is easier than many might imagine, as the crypto market works a bit like the stock market: buying individual cryptocurrencies is risky, as the market is in constant motion and not one day is the same as the other. However, if it can be a great investment if done the correct way, maybe with the guidance of experts, who can calculate those risks for you and help you make informed decisions on the matter which can lead to exciting results.

Further down, “why is crypto crashing” is fourth with 23,000 average monthly searches. This question can more topical and time sensitive, as people might wonder what is happening within the crypto market in set given times, and the reasons why a certain cryptocurrency might be crushing can be various.

Generally, the reasons are very similar to why the regular currency market might crash, since social, political and economic factors influence the crypto market as well as anything else. Specific reasons can be inflation and rising interest rates, in addition to the rise in popularity of low-quality coins that have influenced the market as a whole.

The top five closes with “what is crypto mining” and its 22,000 average monthly searches.

Crypto mining is how cryptocurrencies are generated. This happens as decentralised networks of computers (the same mentioned above) verify and safeguard blockchains, therefore making new units available for purchase and investments.

A spokesperson from Crypto Wallet commented on the findings: “It is fascinating to see how much people still do not know about crypto, and also how much they’re willing to learn about it.

“As the world enters a new era of personal finance and crypto is changing the way we might see money and spending, people want to be as informed as possible, either to keep up with changing times, investing actual time and effort into crypto, or just due to curiosity towards a relatively new and fascinating phenomenon.”