New Study Reveals the US States with the Biggest Crypto Market

News | June 14, 2022 By:

A new study has revealed California as the most prominent cryptocurrency market in America.

The research, conducted by the online casino and sportsbook operator, analyzed Google Trends data for the past 12 months on 20 cryptocurrency-related keywords and compared them across every state in America. The comprehensive trend searches were weighed and scored to reveal each state’s Crypto Market Score.

California records the highest levels of cryptocurrency interest in the US, with a Crypto Market Score of 10 out of 10 across all search terms. The Golden State recorded the highest rates of interest for the words “Cryptocurrency,” “Crypto,” “Dogecoin,” Coinbase,” “Tether,” “Cardano,” and “Binance”, putting it at the top of the rankings.

Nevada is in second place with 9.19, which is 50% higher than the average score of 6.19 all over America. Nevada has the highest search trends for a quarter of all the twenty terms. These include “Bitcoin”, “Shiba Inu coin” and “TRON”

With the highest search levels for “Lido”, the liquid staking solution for Ethereum, Florida is America’s third-biggest crypto market, with a score of 9.01.

In fourth place is New Jersey, with a crypto market score of 8.93, with Washington coming behind with a score of 7.93. New Jersey has the highest search interest for “Ethereum” with Washington showing its highest trend search in “Cryptocurrency.” The state has more appetite for “cryptocurrency news” and “Shiba Inu Coin” than New Jersey.

In sixth place is New York, with a score of 7.68, and some of the highest search levels for “Blockchain”.

Rhode Island comes in seventh, with a crypto market score of 7.54.

In eighth place, with a score of 7.44, is Hawaii, followed by Arizona in ninth place with 7.25, and Massachusetts in tenth, scoring 7.18.

A spokesperson for commented on the study:

“There are more than 9,500 cryptocurrencies in existence and the top 20 coins account for 87% of the market. It is fascinating to see the states with the most appetite for the market, with those in the top ten showing consistently high levels of interest in a wide range of crypto-related search terms.”