NFT Artist Sues X Corp. Over Suspended Twitter Accounts

News | June 25, 2024 By:

On Wednesday, June 12, 2024, Jeremy Ryan filed a lawsuit against the social media company X Corp., formerly known as Twitter, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Ryan, a prominent NFT artist on the Binance Smart Chain, alleges that X Corp. arbitrarily suspended seven of his Twitter accounts without justification.

In the complaint, Ryan details his rise to success as the largest NFT artist on the Binance Smart Chain, having created six highly successful collections that garnered notable followers like actor John Cena and musician Snoop Dogg. Ryan relied heavily on his Twitter presence to promote his NFT projects utilizing blockchain technology.

However, in mid-2023, X Corp. suspended Ryan’s accounts – @nftdemon_420, @gremlin_society, @badassdoggos, @patrolcrypt0, @schnauztrouse, @gamingshibanfts and @cryptopuppy420 – without providing any reason according to the complaint. Despite 13 attempts to appeal the suspension of his main account, Ryan claims he received no response or explanation from X Corp. He now has no way to promote his upcoming NFT drops and continues suffering financial losses.

The lawsuit alleges that X Corp. under new CEO Elon Musk has taken an arbitrary approach to content moderation without a clear, consistently-enforced policy. It cites examples including the mass layoffs of moderation staff after Musk’s acquisition and policy changes allowing previously banned accounts back on the platform. Ryan argues this has led to unpredictable suspensions like his own.

The complaint also points to instances where X Corp. suspended various cryptocurrency and NFT-related accounts in a seemingly arbitrary manner, including the recent suspension of an AI bot promoting the BOB cryptocurrency after Musk labeled it a “scam crypto account.” Ryan asserts that as the largest NFT artist relying on the Binance blockchain, his suspension was discriminatory and part of X Corp.’s inconsistent treatment of the crypto community.

Ryan is suing X Corp. for alleged breach of contract, promissory estoppel, unjust enrichment, intentional interference with contractual relationships, interference with prospective economic advantage, promissory fraud, conversion, and false advertising. He seeks damages and to compel X Corp. to reinstate his accounts.

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