Pornhub Subsidiary Tube8 To Offer Viewers Crypto Rewards

Announcements, News | August 20, 2018 By:

Adult entertainment streaming website Tube8 has teamed with the Vice Industry Token (VIT) to reward visitors with cryptocurrency for watching videos.

Tube8, a Pornhub subsidiary with over 150 million page visits each month, said the partnership is aimed at fully tokenizing its platform. The collaboration will enable users to earn VIT tokens for engaging in activities on the Tube8 platform, such as streaming and interacting with videos.

“For as long as I can remember, getting paid to watch porn was always a pipedream; one that was always dreamed about, but never fully realized,” Tube8 spokesperson Robin Turner said. “Now however, with the introduction of VIT, we are marking a paradigm shift in how people consume adult entertainment. As opposed to having to fork over money to consume content, which some sites require, our users will get paid to consume our free conten. The more they interact with our videos, the more money they earn.”

VIT, a utility token, was built on a fork of the Steem open-source blockchain that was modified “to meet the specific needs of the adult content industry.” According to the VIT white paper, “in order to create rewards, the viewer is prompted to perform PoB [proof-of-brain] and PoV [proof-of-view] functions by liking content, upvoting it [and] making comments.”

Turner said the implementation is expected to take place by the end of the year, which will put the entire Tube8 platform on the blockchain. He added that the move will make Tube8 the very first major adult platform to adopt token-based rewards and pay its users for their activity on the website.

“Tube8 has over 10 million registered users who frequent the platform regularly,” Turner said. “Considering the popularity of cryptocurrency right now, it only made sense to pay them for watching, and interacting with, our videos. VIT offers Tube8 a way to reward their viewers by monetizing content through the VIT protocol. Whereas before users would log in, watch a few videos and leave, VIT incentivizes them to create an account and interact with the content to generate Vice Tokens.”

In March of this year, Playboy Enterprises, the parent company of Playboy Magazine, announced plans to integrate VIT into its online channels. Playboy partnered with Vancouver-based company Global Blockchain Technologies (BLOC) to implement the VIT technology. However, news broke last week that the implementation has gone awry. Playboy sued BLOC on allegations of fraud and breach of contract, claiming that BLOC failed to provide any services supporting the VIT token and also omitted a payment of $4 million it promised in the agreement. BLOC dismissed the lawsuit as a “normal dispute” between the two businesses, rejected the charge of fraud as “frivolous” and claimed it has “a strong defense to the action.”

In a statement, VIT CEO Stuart Duncan said that they are planning to seek restitution of their own after purportedly losing millions of crypto tokens in a crumbling deal between Playboy and BLOC.

“I’ve read the complaint that Playboy has with Global Blockchain, and I’m really disappointed in Playboy. because we gave them millions and millions and millions of tokens, [and] they’ve never reached out to us once to try and get anything tokenized with their website,” Duncan said. “It makes me think that maybe we’ve got a case for a lawsuit against them, because they’ve taken the equivalent of millions of dollars from us, and we’ve received absolutely nothing and no benefit from it whatsoever. I will be doing something, I just don’t know what it is I’ll be doing yet. If those two companies can’t resolve their problems and fix things with me, Playboy’s going to have a big problem.”