Prague CEVRO Institute now accepts tuition fees in bitcoin

Now Accepting | April 5, 2016 By:

The CEVRO Institute announced that students can now use bitcoin to pay for tuition.

“Now you can pay your tuition for CEVRO Institute’s PPE master’s program in bitcoin. We are among the first universities in the world which offer this choice to their students. We are proud to be among such schools as British King’s College or the University of Cumbria,” said Professor Josef Šíma, president of CEVRO Institute and PPE Director.

The tuition fees in bitcoin are calculated to be the same amount for non-bitcoin payments, based on the current Bitcoin market exchange rate.

The CEVRO Institute is a private university located in Prague, Czech Republic. It offers a wide range of majors in social sciences on both BA and MA levels and several professional post-graduate programs.