PumaPay, Cointelligence Partner To Enhance Crypto Education

Education, News | October 18, 2019 By:

Blockchain-based payment system PumaPay is collaborating with crypto data research and analysis firm Cointelligence to make cryptocurrency and blockchain education accessible for everyone.

PumaPay, a subsidiary of Cyprus-based tech startup Decentralized Vision, offers an open-source, blockchain-based protocol that decentralizes a whole layer of transaction processing services. The PullPayment protocol enables merchants to run their businesses the way they’re used to with credit cards.

Cointelligence is a company that conducts data research and analysis for the crypto economy and creates relevant tools for investors. The firm’s online education platform, called Cointelligence Academy, provides classes that can help students with no previous cryptocurrency knowledge, and basic tech know-how, learn the intricacies of blockchain and crypto. The academy aims to teach students important skills such as how to safely store their assets in a wallet, how to choose a reputable exchange, and how to know whether a crypto investment opportunity is actually a clever scam.

As part of the collaboration, PumaPay will support Cointelligence Academy, which will allow Cointelligence to offer crypto/blockchain classes for free, making them accessible for people no matter where they are located or what their financial situation is.

“A lot of people see crypto as a gimmick or a craze that’s sure to fail,” said PumaPay CEO Yoav Dror. “Our mission is to show businesses and customers alike how easy it is to transact in crypto. It was natural for us to want to support Cointelligence Academy in their mission to help people understand crypto.”

“I believe that cryptocurrency is the biggest revolution this world has seen but people won’t take part in a revolution that they don’t understand,” said Cointelligence CEO On Yavin. “My goal with Cointelligence Academy is to make it easy for everyone to learn about cryptocurrency and get excited about it.”