Real estate crowdfunding company Brelion launches bitcoin investment opportunity

Investing | August 2, 2016 By:

Brelion announced it is now allowing investors to use bitcoin to invest in real estate and can make up to 24 percent return.

According to the official release, Brelion is venturing into the digital currency with a pilot property. The property is a suburban, four bedroom residence that was purchased for 30.83 XBT. The estimates of renovations are expected to cost around 65.49 XBT. According to the project manager, the property appraise is expected approximately 120.21 XBT during the closure of the project and refinanced to return the invested equity in the home.

Brelion’s goal is to remove barriers to real estate investment by taking it out of the hands of banks, major funds and giant corporations. By using the crowdfunding concept popularized by sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, Brelion effectively gives individual accredited investors access to alternative investment options, as well as the chance to individually select projects. This will give mid-sized and small renovation firms access to capital without having to deal with traditional financing.

Brelion is a real estate crowdfunding company.