Russian media tycoon is offering 1000 BTC reward to retrieve hacked documents

Crime | July 7, 2016 By:

Aram Gabrelyanov, General Editor of the Russian portal Life, is offering a reward of 1,000 BTC to anyone who can help in identifying or tracking the group of hackers involved in the theft of some of his private documents.

An advertisement offering personal information about Gabrelyanov was seen at The exchange of information, a marketplace where private and sensitive information is offered to the best bidder. Anonymous International is asking 100 BTC to hand out the cache of data.

Anonymous International, a hacker group who previously hijacked the Russian prime minister’s Twitter account, included names of staff from the Russian multimedia information service ‘Life’, including Gabrelyanov, Anna Ahmadieva, Dmitry Kovalchuk, Samira Ramazanova who have fallen victim to the hackers (loosely translated). An alleged group member stated that Gabrelyanov’s private emails, facebook messages, photographs and other files contained in his cellphone were hacked.

In his facebook article, Gabrelyanov mentioned that he paid a group of hackers an undisclosed amount last year after he was extorted. However, new demands emerged this week. Gabrelyanov also said that his email had been hacked by this group and denounced that the emails may have been manipulated and altered.