Seminole County Tax Collector Hires Samuel Armes As Blockchain Director

Job Appointments | March 15, 2019 By:

Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg has hired Samuel Armes as his blockchain director.

Samuel Armes, 22, is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida. Armes has done work for United States Special Operations Command as well as for the State Department surrounding issues on illicit finance, counter terrorism, public policy, and international trade deals. He has also worked in Tallahassee where he became familiar with Florida’s political process. Armes is the founder of Realpolitech and the Executive Director of the Florida Blockchain Business Association.

Greenberg said Armes will act as a blockchain advocate and liaison between the Tax Collector’s office and state officials as Florida joins a growing number of states — including New York, Illinois and New Jersey — that are looking into the benefits of using blockchain technologies for government transactions.

“Blockchain is a new and emerging technology that is really going to be taking off,” said Greenberg. “Armes is really, really sharp. He knows more than I do [about blockchain], and I’m pretty well-versed into it.”

According to Greenberg, blockchain would benefit the Seminole Tax Collector’s office, as well as other local government offices, by being linked to other counties. Transactions would include drivers licenses, tax deeds and insurance information.

“Right now, every county has their own little system,” Greenberg said. “With blockchain, all the counties would be in a giant system. …This would allow for a better flow of communication and reduce redundancies.”