Smart Contract Marketplace Launched By Blockchain Firm Modex

Announcements, News | March 28, 2018 By:

Blockchain firm Modex has launched its first fully functional product alpha called Modex Smart Contract Marketplace.

The Smart Contract Marketplace allows for easy access to cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. It provides a forum for developers to showcase their skills and offer smart contract solutions to buyers and/or other developers. The marketplace is designed to serve as a central hub for multiple third party applications and web platforms to plug-in with and deploy smart contracts.

The marketplace incorporates significant advantages for consumer adoption, enterprise cost savings, developer tools, community trust and engagement, IP protection, and revenue opportunities for developers, all centered around the smart contract ecosystem that Modex has created.

The Smart Contract Marketplace will start by focusing on ethereum-based smart contracts. Over time, Modex plans to add the ability to support various protocols that also have smart contracts functionality. The company is considering protocols such as Waves, Coco, Komodo, Ark, and more. Additionally, the marketplace will offer API’s for other applications to integrate with the company’s smart contract ecosystem to further widespread smart contract deployment across a variety of industries and use cases.

Modex CEO Mihai Ivascu said the marketplace is a suite of tools designed to help blockchain developers write, deploy, manage, and monitor both smart contracts and private blockchains in an easier and more seamless way.

“On top of the dev tools, the platform will provide enhanced blockchain tools that enable developers and companies to easily deploy multiple types of private blockchains,” Ivascu said. “The purpose is to make running and deploying to a blockchain as easy as building a simple web app.”

By identifying a list of key use cases for smart contracts to prioritize in order to both attract development talent and seed the marketplace with strategic smart contracts, Modex is set to bridge the gap between businesses and blockchain developers, based on real-world needs.

The launch comes right before the Modex’s initial coin offering (ICO), which is scheduled to begin at the end of this month. The company’s ERC20 token will be used to pay platform service fees, make smart contract purchases and gain access to a complete suite of APIs for decentralized transactions.