SoftBank, Sprint and TBCASoft to develop blockchain tech for wireless carriers

Announcements | March 7, 2017 By:

Sprint, SoftBank Group Corp. and California startup TBCASoft Inc. will partner to develop blockchain technology for wireless carriers.

TBCASoft is a startup company developing consortium-based blockchain technology specifically for telecommunication carriers. SoftBank, Sprint and TBCASoft will promote research and development with the aim of building a cross-carrier blockchain platform for various services, such as secured clearing and settlement, personal authentication, IoT applications, and other services provided by telecommunication carriers.

“We entered this partnership with SoftBank and TCBASoft as part of our mutual interest to understand the full potential of blockchain to improve carrier-to-carrier interactions,” Dimino added. “We also see the potential to evolve business-to-consumer interactions for trusted authentication, seamless transactions and reduction of friction in the entire mobile ecosystem,” said Sprint spokeswoman Lisa Dimino.

Starting June 2017, the three companies aim to commence a technical trial that connects TBCASoft’s blockchain platform to telecommunication carriers’ systems. The three companies will collaborate closely on issues related to technology, business and the regulations of various jurisdictions.