Stripe announces full launch in France

Announcements | June 13, 2016 By:

Stripe announced a full launch in France. The launch follows the beta that was marked by thousands of French users taking on its services.

“We’ve been testing Stripe in France for over a year and have already had thousands of French businesses start building on the Stripe platform. Companies like Withings and Dailymotion, SaaS platforms like Algolia and Dashlane, and even marketplaces like Drivy and KissKissBankBank. We’d like to thank them and the many others who have shared their feedback and suggestions along the way,” said Stripe.

A brainchild of brothers Patrick and John Collison, Stripe’s main goal is to make things easier for online businesses by giving them “the broadest possible range of payment and transaction-related tools.” So far, the platform already supports 130 currencies and modern payment methods such as cryptocurrency.

The comapny also offers invoicing support and accounting tools, making it a one-stop shop for businesses that want to venture into the world of modern payments.