Tbilisi Business And Technology University To Issue Blockchain Verifiable Diplomas

Announcements, Blockchain | August 3, 2018 By:

The Tbilisi Business and Technology University (BTU) has teamed with blockchain platform Emercoin to provide verifiable diplomas on an encrypted and secure app.

Founded in 2016, BTU is a Higher Education Institution authorized by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia). It is located in the “Silicon Valley Tbilisi” area, in the center of the city. The university strives to give students highest quality of academic and research experience established on entrepreneurship based learning.

Emercoin is a digital currency and blockchain platform that allows users to exchange money and information anywhere in the world. Distinctive features of Emercoin are high reliability, robustness and three-in-one hybrid mining (PoW+MergedMining+PoS).

Under the partnership, BTU will be using Emercoin’s blockchain platform, called “Trusted Diploma,” which is aimed at helping schools, businesses and graduates validate the online accuracy and authenticity of education credentials. The goal of the platform is to ensure that the competencies of all graduates are easily and clearly verified and that graduates can easily access their records without fear of manipulation or corruption.

Kostiantyn Bigus, MP of Emercoin said that Trusted Diploma will help combat growing levels of manipulation and corruption and ensure that the education credentials we see online are valid

“We urge everyone to join our effort, which will improve professional services and protect people from dangerous fraud in the health care, legal, real estate and other sectors,” Bigus said.

Bill Tai, Emercoin advisor and venture capitalist, said that much like the little ‘check mark’ on Twitter or Facebook profiles, companies like LinkedIn or Indeed.com could use the platform to validate the data represented on profiles, ensuring that data is tamper-proof and accurate.

Mikheil Batiashvili, the BTU rector and Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia, said that the Trusted Diploma platform will help the university to build a secure and immutable database of certificates, which will help their graduates as they pursue successful careers.

“We are very happy to work with the innovative Emercoin team on this crucially important project,” said Batiashvili.