Apple Tech Icon Steve Wozniak Co-Founds Blockchain VC EQUI Global

Blockchain, News | October 16, 2018 By:

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been announced as co-founder of a new blockchain-focused venture capital fund.

The new venture capital fund, called EQUI Global, combines the conventional principles of investing with a blockchain “back end” that allows value to be realized and then traded in the open market through the EquiToken, which is based on the ethereum blockchain. EQUI Global will reportedly target “sophisticated” investors that are focused on venture capital funds through investing in EquiToken.

“The EQUI fund is both open-ended and liquid, allowing investors the opportunity to sell their EquiTokens on external cryptocurrency exchanges at a time of their choosing,” EQUI Global said. “Up to 80 percent of investment by EQUI will be in technology companies with the balance of 20 percent being in non-tech assets, such as real estate and investment collectibles such as art and vintage cars.”

As co-founder, Wozniak will head up technology investments and help find tech companies worthy of investment. Wozniak will then bring them to the table and the board of serial entrepreneurs will mentor and coach them.

“I get ideas pitched to me every single day in fact dozens and I always say no,” Wozniak said. “Since I co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs, this is about the second time in twenty years that I actually said yes, I want to be a part of this. It has to be something I really believe in and I really believe in EQUI.”

Wozniak added that the EQUI Global team, which includes co-founders Doug Barrowman and Baroness Michelle, has an exceptional investment track record behind them and will be able to attract the budding startup stars of tomorrow.

“We’ve already got over 20 businesses that we are looking at and we haven’t even officially launched yet,” Wozniak said. “It’s going to be very exciting. Ultimately, our mission is to seek, support and fund the blockchain and tech stars of tomorrow. EQUI Global is a game-changer.”