TroopMarket Adds Jeremy Tunnell As Advisor On WorkCoin Project

Job Appointments | March 8, 2018 By:

Jeremy Tunnell, the technical co-founder of Thumbtack, has joined the advisors board for the WorkCoin project, the planned token for the TroopMarket platform.

TroopMarket provides the ability to vet freelance professionals by checking their LinkedIn, web, or GitHub identities before booking for freelance tasks. TroopMarket’s platform is envisioned as the search-based “Google for Gigs” and caters to working professionals/contractors and the companies who hire them. 

TroopMarket is the first platform built for professional services that integrates a pre-paid cryptocurrency, called WorkCoin, to enable seamless payments, arbitration, and dispute resolution. Buyers purchase low-fee WorkCoins with BTC or credit cards, and then use these tokens to buy and sell services with zero friction. Every “gig” is priced on a flat rate and delivered over chat, with transaction costs as low as five percent.

Tunnell’s Thumbtack is an on-demand site for the gig service economy.