UN seeks volunteers to help spread bitcoin adoption in Africa

Regulation | August 18, 2016 By:

United Nations online volunteering has announced that it is seeking two volunteers or technology geeks to help educate the youth of Sierra Leone about bitcoin.

“Our organization is seeking new sources of revenue and looking for alternative ways of raising funds by accepting donations in Bitcoins and expanding our global support base. We are looking for two tech geeks to help with research and training 2 staff members on how to use digital currencies (bitcoin) for fundraising. This opportunity is available immediately and for 12 weeks although volunteer has the option to extend. Training and coaching will be online via email, hangout, Skype and Whatsapp,” the announcement says.

Before applying to the opportunity, the candidate must be sure to have access to the internet and the right tools and regular access to communication devices like smartphone, tablet, and laptop. The person has to decide on how much time can be devoted to online volunteering activities and also be sure about the availability for any teleconferences, meetings or check-ins required by the organization.

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