VeganNation Lists its Eco-Friendly GreenCoin on Three Crypto Exchanges

Announcements, Blockchain, News | January 11, 2022 By:

VeganNation, the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace spreading plant-based values, gives vegans an online space where they can find Vegan spots, connect with other people in the ‘plant-based community’, and promote eco-friendly values.

Humans are accelerating global warming, as confirmed by a troubling report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). As people become increasingly aware of their carbon footprints, search queries for sustainable goods have risen 71 percent over the past five years, and according to Business Wire, sixty percent of consumers want to shop sustainably. It’s hard to know, however, which marketplaces support sustainability. Even big chains that have added vegan options to their menus, like Burger King and Baskin-Robbins, aren’t necessarily environmentally friendly. For a sustainable future, it’s critical to support businesses that have a positive impact on the planet.

VeganNation tackles this challenge by offering consumers an index of eco-friendly options on its app. Users can go onto the app to see restaurants with plant-based options or eco-friendly stores nearby. As the platform’s native token, GreenCoin serves as a green global loyalty program intending to give users of the app a shared sense of community, with all token holders holding similar vegan-centric values.

The platform has its native token, GreenCoin, that serves as a green global loyalty program, with many added functions which promote the global vegan community. The token, which is now listed on Liquid, flowBTC, Bittrex, supports sustainable and eco-friendly behavior among consumers and businesses.

The actual issuance of GreenCoin to app users is calculated based upon a proprietary algorithm that assigns values to various activities that occur within the app, such as making purchases, becoming an influencer, or using GRNC for B2B transactions.

“Being one of the first vegan crypto coins, we believe by listing on multiple exchanges, we can disrupt the vegan world and together create a more sustainable lifestyle,” said Issac Thomas, Founder of VeganNation. “Our company is passionate about spreading our values, and we hope our app can create a better future for our planet.”