Veterinary Education Industry To Adopt Blockchain Technology

Blockchain, Education, News | November 18, 2019 By:

Tech giant IBM is collaborating with VetBloom, the digital learning ecosystem from Ethos Veterinary Health, to form a group focused on the application of blockchain for learning credentials in the veterinary industry.

VetBloom is an innovative learning ecosystem featuring the expertise of the finest veterinary professionals in the industry, along with cutting-edge, online instruction. Team members learn through direct and virtual instruction, interactive case-based scenarios and 3D simulations. VetBloom allows veterinary professionals to advance their skills from anywhere in the world.

The goal of the new group is to create a framework for competency-based medical education using digital badges to support credentialing. Initial collaborators exploring the concept include the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC), the International Council for Veterinary Assessment (ICVA), and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). The two companies will name other collaborators in the coming weeks.

“We have worked diligently with IBM over the last year to bring key industry stakeholders into this initiative, creating a veterinary ecosystem that will join IBM’s broader work around learning credentials and blockchain,” said Patrick Welch, DVM, MBA, DACVO, Chief Knowledge Officer of Ethos Veterinary Health and Founder of VetBloom. “Blockchain is a team sport, and the only way this initiative will succeed is through collaboration with likeminded entities in the veterinary space.”

Blockchain aims to address the challenge of competency-based learning by creating tamper-evident, digital credentials stored on a distributed blockchain network. This will reportedly make it significantly easier for companies to identify promising candidates, for academic institutions to manage the huge increase in demand for learning credentials, and for jobseekers to more holistically chart their career trajectories.

“It has been incredibly rewarding to work with VetBloom and the other collaborating entities in the veterinary learning space over the past year,” said Alex Kaplan, IBM’s Global Leader, Blockchain and AI for Credentials. “IBM sees tremendous potential for the learning credential blockchain to support competency-based learning and digital credentials in veterinary education, and we look forward to continuing our work together in 2020.”

The group has already built a minimum viable product and is currently working to develop a second iteration. Next year, the group’s primary goals will be scaling the network by signing on additional participants and fine-tuning an equitable governance structure.