Vinturas Taps IBM Blockchain To Provide Automotive Supply Chain Visibility

News | May 16, 2019 By:

Vinturas, a consortium of leading automotive logistics service providers in Europe, will be developing a blockchain platform that will provide end-to-end visibility in the supply chain of finished vehicles.

Vinturas, which inlcude logistics service providers Axess Logistics, NVD, Koopman Logistics Group and Autolink Group, said that the platform will be built using the IBM blockchain technology and will be designed to digitalize all aspects of the supply chain, from factory to dealer and will also cover the logistics process for used vehicles in Europe. The goal is to increase transparency, efficiency, customer journey and lower costs.

“The Vinturas platform will allow OEM’s and fleet owners to manage their European flows on a near-real time basis, improving planning, optimizing inventories and networks and saving costs,” Vinturas said. “Vinturas will contribute to a more efficient, sustainable supply chain infrastructure in Europe.”

Vinturas founding members will reported ensure that the services of Vinturas can be delivered in a large number of European countries from the launch of the platform in September 2019. Vinturas will also work with European sea-carrier EML to provide visibility for the sea-bound part of the automotive supply chain.

Jon Kuiper, CEO of Vinturas, said that the launch of Vinturas with four well-known logistics service providers and their choice of IBM as technology partner shows their long-term commitment to delivering sustainable value.

“We do believe the future of our industry is in collaborating and democratic data-sharing,” Kuiper said. “By working together, we can unlock significant value for all players in our industry.”