VNX Exchange Adds Michael Blakey And Will Klippgen To Advisory Board

Job Appointments | March 8, 2019 By:

VNX Exchange, a marketplace for tokenized venture capital assets, has appointed angel investors Michael Blakey and Will Klippgen to its Advisory Board.

Blakey is a serial angel investor and founder of Avonmore Developments. Since becoming an angel investor in 2000, Blakey has invested in over 25 companies in the UK and achieved 7 successful exits. He’s also invested in 8 start-ups in Southeast Asia including Anchanto, PlusMargin and Nugit under the name of Cub Capital since 2013.

“Since I became an angel investor in 2000, I have always looked for tools that boost venture capital liquidity,” Blakey saiid. “Such tools are especially important now when many investors globally are becoming increasingly interested in this asset class. I strongly believe that VNX Exchange has what it takes to disrupt financial markets.”

Klippgen was a co-founder of a price comparison portal which later merged with Kelkoo and was sold to Yahoo!Klippgen, together with Blakey, also co-founded Cocoon Capital, a venture capital firm targeting early-stage, enterprise tech startups in Southeast Asia.

“As interest in ICOs is fading, investors are increasingly turning towards venture capital,” said Klippgen. “Even though the volume of venture capital market is currently estimated at around $1 trillion, investors’ focus on venture capital has been relatively moderate over the past several years because of its low liquidity.”

VNX Exchange, which aims to provide a solution for a lack of liquidity in the venture capital industry using blockchain technology, said that Blakey’s and Klippgen’s proven knowledge of the venture capital industry will provide the company with a competitive advantage when creating new standards and services for the digital asset market ecosystem.

“Our goal is to provide venture capital industry with much needed liquidity and solve a real market problem,” said Alexander Tkachenko, VNX Exchange CEO and Founder. “We are happy to welcome Mr. Blakey and Mr. Klippgen whose extensive experience in venture capital investing will considerably strengthen our platform. They bring unparalleled leadership skills, a deep knowledge of venture capital and years of experience in finance. We strongly believe that their involvement will generate further interest in our project from the European and Asian business communities.”