Why In-Person Cryptocurrency Events Are In Demand For Those Seeking To Establish Trust

News | July 6, 2022 By:

While much of the cryptocurrency community connects virtually for education and engagement forums, Jamar ‘Digital Currency Guy’ James feels the trust factor from industry experts is reiterated when there are in-person events. 

With over 20 years as a technology consultant and prop trader for private financial firms in the U.S., James has earned over eight-figures in stocks and real estate and now teaches others to earn a full-time income from crypto or trading within months. He has also built a mastermind community that has members in over 20 countries and is called in to help Fortune 500 companies when he is not giving back by teaching IT to children. He also recently launched a free mastermind for all ages.

“The metaverse is an opportunity to participate in the future of human evolution,” said James. “We are currently in a cashless society where currency is being devalued.  The next step in technology, communication is in the digital world, where you have two options – exclusion or inclusion.” 

Inclusion in-person is a big part of how James connects to his audience. In May, he hosted his annual digital currency mastermind in San Diego, California where he and other panelists gave scores of attendees insight into stocks, NTFs, digital real estate, gaming, crypto tax and legal matters accountants and attorneys should be aware of, as well as ways to increase streams of income or scaling their existing business. 

“I believe in things being told from a perspective where people can understand,” said James. “Some people have learning curves when it comes to understanding how to trade or invest and they understand much better when they are being taught in person. 

James agrees people want to be in the rooms to ask questions, make connections and see firsthand how to invest, understand the legal and tax implications of digital currency and investments and be able to call someone who they can say they know personally when they have questions.

“When you’re in person, there is the factor of ‘oh this person does exist and really wants to help’,” noted James. “People are afraid of being scammed and they feel that there is safety in the community when you see people in person and you can build face-to-face trust.”

James, who also hosts a tax crypto specialist, said even if tax professionals are not into crypto, they are going to have to upskill.

“People are expected to pay taxes on crypto and accounting professionals need to get crypto trained and certified to say that they know what they are doing,” said James. “The industry is ever-evolving and one must be aware of what should be done to ensure they are in compliance.”