Z-POP Dream Taps Ethereum Blockchain To Discover Next K-Pop Star

Announcements, Blockchain, ICO News | September 3, 2018 By:

South Korea-based entertainment platform Z-POP Dream Project will be using blockchain technology to find the next K-pop talent.

Founded in Seoul earlier this year by a team of professionals who created global K-POP music stars such as PSY, Girls’ Generation, BTS, EXO, and WannaOne, Z-POP Dream wants to build a global entertainment platform to discover hidden pop music talents, accelerate their rise to stardom and create a global token economy within the $46 billion global music market.

The platform will be powered by hundreds of millions of K-POP music fans across the world through the use of the company’s own crypto token, the ZPOP coin, which will be based on the ethereum blockchain. ZPOP coin holders will be able to vote for their favorite entertainers in award ceremonies and auditions with more transparency.

“The project will give fans the voting interest through our online platform,” the company said. “Fan votes will play a crucial role in decisive events such as auditions and award ceremonies. Adopting the ethereum blockchain technology, the project makes the voting transparent and trustworthy. The Z-POP Dream Project offers fans the opportunity to grow their favorite stars.”

Z-POP Dream is also planning to create a “Star creation” platform, which includes Star Academies and the Z-POP Dream Audition in 10 territories: the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. The project will use the successful K-POP music production formula blended with new cultural elements, K-POP’s huge global fan base, and stadium-scale global audition event to be aired internationally by TV broadcasting stations.

To fund the project’s infrastructure, Z-POP Dream will be conducting an initial token offering (ITO) in October. There will be a $10 million soft cap, a $100 million hard cap, and a total supply of 4 billion ZPOP coins.

Z-POP Dream Founder and CEO Jun Kang, an SM Entertainment veteran who initiated the first wave of K-POP expansion into the international market, said that the goal of the project is to create a new generation of global pop stars through the power of the fans, to equalize the playing field and empower both fans and artists alike to better achieve their dreams.

“With our outstanding team of industry veterans and proven track record, breaching the global music stage will no longer be just a pipe dream for local artists aspiring to showcase their talent to the world,” said Kang.