Bianjie Partners With Wuhan RHDK To Develop Blockchain-Based COVID-19 Early Warning System

Blockchain, Innovation, News | October 1, 2020 By:

High tech startup Bianjie has teamed with healthcare data analytics company Wuhan Run He De Kang (RHDK) to develop a blockchain-based epidemic early warning system to address the COVID-19 outbreak.

Based in Shanghai, Bianjie is focused on blockchain innovative products and solutions for financial and healthcare industries. Bianjie is the Core team behind the development of IRISnet — an interchain service hub for next-generation distributed applications, and is also one of the main open-source early contributors of the Cosmos network project. The team recently developed an enterprise product, a consortium blockchain called IRITA, which uses IRISnet iServices as well as privacy computing technology. Through IRITA, Bianjie is serving important customers in China, including provincial/state level blockchain platforms such as BSN, leading Internet healthcare service providers, and leading insurance service providers.

RHDK is a healthcare data analytics company focused on developing advanced medical safety and healthcare risk management systems. The company pioneered a series of products such as “Medical Risk Alerting System,” “Medical Credit Risk Alerting System,” “Integrated Management Platform of Ping An Hospital” and “Infectious Disease Early Warning System”, which have been highly recognized and adopted by dozens of Chinese famous general medical hospitals and provincial medical and public health administrative departments. RHDK is an advanced service provider of comprehensive solutions to clinical and public medical and healthcare risk alerting in China.

This partnership will leverage Bianjie’s expertise in the blockchain space to enhance data safety and privacy protection handling, and improve the efficiency of sensitive data exchange among healthcare systems. It will also seek to improve the identification and classification of infectious and new diseases, and enhance medical risk management mechanisms. The Cosmos SDK based consortium blockchain IRITA will be leveraged to enable data access and authorization at a fine grain level by authorized parties, such as individuals, communities, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, clinics, hospitals, and government public health management departments. The access and usage of data by each party will be actively audited to prevent misuse.

The goal of the partnership is to provide an accurate basis for public health management departments to identify issues, develop plans, and take vigorous measures in a timely manner. COVID-19 related data can be reported automatically and accurately from various sources with privacy protection in near real time, which can effectively avoid the underreporting, false reporting, and concealing. The two companies will also address existing pain points in traditional public infectious disease risk prevention. For example, risk profile data can be extracted, transformed, and encrypted at the collection points and then transferred to the primary healthcare systems via blockchain.

“RHDK played an instrumental role in the initial outbreak response in January 2020, releasing the first ‘Infectious Disease Early Warning System’ in Wuhan,” Harriet Cao, Co-Founder of Bianjie. “We are eager to be working with their team to upgrade the system to better respond to future public health care crisis, leveraging blockchain to improve the secure exchange of healthcare data. Our hope is that our joint efforts will help provide a backbone for safe and accurate public health management, and to eliminate prominent issues, such as false reporting and concealing.”

Xuan Zhu, Co-Founder of RHDK, said that blockchain is the right technology and the missing puzzle they are seeking for the Infectious Disease Early Warning System.

“To deploy this system on a large scale, not only the secure data transmission but also data privacy protection are incredibly crucial,” Zhu said. “Therefore, we believe that with Bianjie‘s deep blockchain technology expertise and industry practice experience, we can join forces in promoting the public medical and healthcare safety system to new heights.”