Bitcoin geocaching app “takara” integrates Counterparty tokens

FinTech | August 2, 2016 By:

Takara announced it has added support for Counterparty tokens using IndieSquare’s API.

The game has been developed by Christian Moss of mobile game company MandelDuck. Takara, which is Japanese for “treasure”, allows users to plant and hunt for bitcoin treasures planted across the world.

With this integration, users can pick up not only bitcoin but also Counterparty tokens when they get close enough to the takara boxes on the map. It works in a similar way as Pokemon Go but instead of Pokemon, takara users can pick up bitcoin and various tokens. Tokens can represent coupons, tickets, loyalty points, company stocks, game items or anything else you can imagine.

Counterparty is the leading platform for in-game assets and mobile token applications. Most cryptocurrency projects utilizing in-game assets and tokens are now using Counterparty. These tokens offer functionality beyond financial applications and can be used as coupons, entry passes, authentication tokens to augment password security and more.