Bitwala releases web app messenger to send bitcoin via chat

FinTech | August 11, 2016 By:

Bitwala has announced that users can now interact and send money to each other in the new Bitwala messenger app.

Bitwala messenger is a newly released web application messenger that allows users to send a friendly remainder to the person who owes money so that the person can send the money straight through the messenger. The messenger also allows users to write personal remainders or notes within the chat, which only the sender would be able to read.

Bitwala’s messenger requires no level of verification, thus is open for users at all levels. It allows users or recipients to decide how the money is sent or received. Transaction history can be conducted through the messenger where each transaction to and/or from a user is clearly displayed.

Bitwala is a bill payment service that facilitates paying bills with bitcoin.