Blockchain A Key To Mobile Phone Privacy Issues, Says Security Executive

Blockchain, Opinion | September 18, 2018 By:
Apple recently unveiled the rollout of iOS security updates for its new and existing products, including improved two-factor authentication, a password manager, and an intelligent anti-tracking feature that will make it difficult for ad companies to track Internet browsing across multiple sites.

With payments, cryptocurrency exchanges, and regular banking increasingly moving to mobile solutions, the news seems good on its face. But most of the updates still rely on centralized technologies to store proprietary user information.

Rob Viglione, CEO of Horizen, a technology platform that provides users with privacy, said blockchain may be a key to realizing some added privacy to mobile.

“Technology run amok is often the central point of dystopian stories,” said Viglione. “On the other hand, it is also the reason large parts of humanity no longer worry about starvation. We live in an age of contradiction: innovation lifts a billion people out of poverty, but also enables mass censorship, manipulation, and control.

“Facial recognition is one such area in which we could see enormous benefits, but it’s also easy to imagine that fictional dystopia becoming a reality. The key to enabling the former and restricting the latter is to be wary to compromise on ethical fundamentals, like the human right to privacy. What we want to see is a future in which technology unleashes immense innovation and widespread prosperity, without forfeiting who we are as human beings.
“Where this all intersects blockchain is in the area of identity. Blockchain technology offers a new pathway for usurping localized identity management solutions. We can now more easily create universal records secured by strong cryptography that transcend any local database, even if that database happens to be that of an entire national government.
“Facial recognition and other biometric data, hashed for privacy, can supplant inferior systems, such as linking identity to phone numbers. Once we endow every human being with the dignity of secure identity, then the fun starts to bring everyone into the same economic playing field so that we can really make a difference.”