Blockchain Authentication Solution Developed By SoftBank And CloudMinds

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation | May 30, 2018 By:

Japanese telecom carrier SoftBank Corp. has teamed with robotics firm Cloudminds to develop an authentication solution based on blockchain technology.

SoftBank provides mobile communication, fixed-line communication and Internet connection services to customers in Japan. It aims to transform lifestyles through IT and expand into other business areas, including Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, blockchain, and energy.

CloudMinds is an operator of cloud-based systems for intelligent robots. It has developed in-depth research in cloud intelligence integration, high-speed security network, safe smart devices, and robot control technology. The company’s Permissioned Chain (CMPC) technology, which is based on blockchain, claims to prevent “51% attacks” without the need for a huge amount of collective computing power.

The blockchain authentication solution has been developed by combining CloudMinds’ CMPC techology with the telecom carrier’s authentication platform. The solution enables mobile users to log-in to websites without having to enter their user Id and password. The SDP (software defined perimeter by the Cloud Security Alliance) protocol is utilized to facilitate the authentication process, resulting in strong anti-DDoS capabilities. The framework is aimed at providing a robust foundation for universal identity management.

The blockchain authentication solution is also designed to work for enterprise applications such as the Identity of Things (IDoT), a universal identity management platform that provides a common identity space for all intelligent devices.

Takeshi Fukuizumi, Vice President of SoftBank Corp., said that their collaboration with CloudMinds will make substantial progress in authentication of FinTech and IoT device and service management.

“The CloudMinds authentication solution is based on a universal security framework, therefore, it can be applied to payment service which requires high security,” said Fukuizumi.

Bill Huang, CEO of CloudMinds, said this development is an important step towards the realization of IDoT.

“Given the decentralized nature of blockchain and the permission controlled scheme of CMPC, the IDoT will be jointly maintained by a large number of stakeholders,” said Huang. “No company can monopolize the platform alone, and the platform does not rely on the existence of any single company supporting the platform. We believe IDoT will be a critical enabler for a fast approaching autonomous world.”

SoffBank has been exploring blockchain technology for some time now. In March 2017, SoftBank partnered with Sprint and California startup TBCASoft to develop a blockchain solution for wireless carriers. In June 2017, the companies conducted a technical trial that connects TBCASoft’s blockchain platform to telecom carriers’ systems. In December 2017, the company created a blockchain system for managing personal financial information.