Blockchain Investment Platform Brightvine Partners with Angel Oak Venture to Create Mortgage NFTs

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation, News | May 2, 2022 By:

Brightvine, a blockchain-powered investment platform, has teamed with Angel Oak Ventures, a mortgage issuer who will use Brightvine’s Web3 technology to tokenize Non-QM portfolios and create Mortgage NFTs.

Brightvine is on a mission to extend access and expand wealth by enabling vetted issuers of high-quality real-world assets to create new connections with today’s forward thinking digital investors. By harnessing the latest Web3 technologies, Brightvine’s investment technology platform provides institutions and investment managers the ability to seamlessly raise funds on the blockchain.

Angel Oak Ventures is a company focused on financial disintermediation and data analytics platforms that utilize the intellectual property of Angel Oak Companies to provide solutions to retail and institutional clients. The company is focused on initiatives that will encourage the democratization of investing and enable investors and borrowers to conduct business in a frictionless manner.

Through this partnership and beyond, Brightvine is paving the way for a new era of finance that leverages the power of blockchain technology to provide better access to parts of the market – like mortgages and real estate – that have been traditionally blocked to the average investor, all while reducing the friction and volatility associated with traditional secondary markets.

“Angel Oak is an industry pioneer with a proven track record of success and shares our belief that democratizing financial markets begins with updating antiquated technological infrastructure to open new avenues of liquidity for institutions and issuers,” said Joe Vellanikaran, CEO of Brightvine. “Our endeavor with Angel Oak will leverage the cutting-edge technology of the Web3 and DeFi spaces to open up access to assets with proven real-world value and positive global impact, marking an important milestone in rebuilding the financial ecosystem to truly deliver on the longstanding potential of blockchain to disrupt and equalize the mortgage industry.”

“Working with Brightvine will help us deliver on our commitment to continuously advance our technologies and bring new, innovative products to a demanding market – Brightvine offers a real world application of the potential of blockchain to transform the mortgage industry,” said Sreeni Prabhu, Co-CEO and managing partner at Angel Oak. “We take pride in delivering the highest quality products to a wide investor base and believe that Brightvine’s technology will enable us to continue that mission on an even larger scale.”