Cripto247: The French startup that invented a heater that mines bitcoin and ethereum

French Startup Invents a Heater That Mines Cryptocurrencies

Innovation | October 13, 2018 By:

The French startup Qarnot has created an electric stove designed specifically to mine cryptocurrencies. The “crypto heater,” known as QC-1, uses the heat generated by computers to heat the office or home. Heat continues to be a challenge when it comes to mining, and this device takes that problem in their favor.

The website of the company explains that this is an “efficient” way to heat a house, because it allows the customer to “generate extra money” since the stove is, in fact, a cryptocurrency mine.

The heat of the QC-1 is generated by two graphic plates embedded inside the device that operate completely silently. The owner of the device can see in real time the trends of the cryptocurrency markets using a mobile application. In addition, in principle, this device generates “high quality” heat – that is, it uses less electricity than a traditional stove.

Designed as a “plug-and-mine” device, the QC-1 heater can be set up in 10 minutes and allows controlling the level of mining and temperature from the app. It costs around 2,900 euros plus 300 euros shipping costs to anywhere in the world.

In a first instance, the QC-1 is configured to mine the most profitable cryptocurrency. Currently, they explain in their website, the device is configured to mine ethereum. “We want to provide updates so that the client can adapt its crypto-heater to the evolution of the market,” the company said ina statement.

If, for any reason, the owner of the stove prefers to mine another cryptocurrency and has programming knowledge, the company provides a GitHub link so that they can access the codes.

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