Digital Hollywood Swag Will Be Dropped At Infinity Film Festival

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation | November 3, 2018 By:

Film director Joe Dante’s award-winning Trailers From Hell movie is geo-dropping unique and exclusive GFT Authentic Digital Collectibles in what’s touted as the world’s first blockchain enabled “digital swag bag” distributed by the Infinity Film Festival.

The digital ‘swag bags’ contain GFT collectibles from Trailers From Hell and are distributed via location-based destinations throughout the city of Beverly Hills, California during the November 1 – 4 Infinity Film Festival.

Both the crypto collectibles program and its digital assets are powered by Greenfence Consumer and Kaleido’s Blockchain Business Cloud, which runs on Amazon Web Services.

Trailers From Hell is the brainchild of Dante, whose goal is both to preserve Hollywood’s classics and introduce new fans to the art, craft and history of filmmaking.

Trailers From Hell launched over a decade ago during the infancy of mobile content and continues to partner with leaders in new technology advancements,” said Dante. “For over 10 years, we’ve created content, and the blockchain finally enables a ‘DRM’ solution to create collectible and trusted collectibles for our fans.”

Trailers From Hell fans are incredibly loyal and informed film fans,” said Jonas Hudson, co-founder of Greenfence Consumer.  “The blockchain is the first technology to create trust and transparency for the fan base and enables a perfect platform for the collectors of all things Hollywood.”

IFF attendees will be able to access the “Digital Swag Bag” and unlock Trailers From Hell GFT Authentic Digital Collectibles plus other offers from FabFitFun, Bristol Farms, The Sun Ladies, Sony, Regan Arts’ The Art of the Hollywood Backdrop, and Lux.

Nick Urbom, co-founder of IFF said, “IFF’s mission to bridge Hollywood and technology was a perfect launch for a global blockchain ‘first’ and the IFF Exchange ‘Digital Swag Bag’ was the obvious choice. When Greenfence brought us the wallet solution we knew we could finally provide a digital application for our partners that created trust and transparency while delivering a new data platform to support our future offerings.”