EOS Wallet For Android Added By Freewallet

Innovation, Investing, News | October 27, 2018 By:

Freewallet, a top three Android wallet Dapp with 3m+ users on its desktop and mobile apps, has released a new EOS Wallet for Android (with an iOS adaptation to be released soon). The new DApp allows users to store, send, and receive EOS coins operated on its mainnet. All transactions are free of charge.

The new wallet can be topped up with almost any cryptocurrency. Holders also can keep EOS in the multi-wallet app, which enables users to cross-exchange them in one place.

Freewallet has made an automatic swap of ERC-20 EOS tokens to the new EOS for users who held EOS tokens in their wallets on June 1st 2018, when transactions froze. Users will not have to deposit their tokens to the exchange for a swap.