Expert Takes: European Commission Crypto Proposal

News, Opinion, Regulation | September 28, 2020 By:

Last week, the European Commission showed a proposal for a “bespoke” regime for crypto-assets and stablecoins, following leaked documents earlier this month. The official proposal ensures that crypto-assets will receive a high level of consumer and investor protection and market integrity. What does this move mean for the European crypto landscape and the industry overall?

Some European crypto experts offer their two cents on the EU Commission’s crypto proposal.

Alexandre Lemarchand, VP of Global Sales at Ledger, a crypto security company based in France and the US, says:

“We can welcome the bespoke regime for crypto assets service providers (including custodians) which, with this regulation, will be able to passport their licence and scale their business at EU level. This is just a proposal, so a lot will still be discussed but at this stage, this a good step forward for custodian businesses in the EU.”

Hugo Renaidin, CEO of LGO, one of the biggest institutional crypto exchanges in  Europe, says:

“The European Commission made a significant step towards crypto adoption. With each EU country operating under the same framework, Europe will be open for more global crypto companies and it will be easier for them to operate in every country of the EU with one single license. If accepted, the new proposal will make the European crypto landscape more attractive for business and investment and will bring Digital Euro one step closer to reality”.