MasterCard announces experimental blockchain APIs for developers

FinTech | November 3, 2016 By:

Mastercard has revealed a set of three blockchain APIs in its developer site.

The credit card giant’s development site now features three APIs connected to its internal blockchain work, including offerings focused on smart contracts and payment settlement. The APIs were released by MasterCard Labs, its innovation outfit.

“This is part of our initiative to publish experimental APIs from Mastercard Labs and give developers the chance to work on emerging technologies that haven’t yet been commercialized by us,” said MasterCard blockchain lead Justin Pinkham.

Developers from places like banks and retailers are now free to access a core blockchain API, smart contracts API and fast pay network API, with Mastercard inviting them to experiment in areas P2P, P2M and B2B payments, as well as trade finance and supply chain.

Mastercard is the second-biggest payments multinational in the world after Visa.