MIT Media Lab and Learning Machine releases code for digital certificates on the blockchain

FinTech | June 9, 2016 By:

The MIT Media Lab’s Learning Initiative and Learning Machine has announced the release of version 1 of its code for Digital Certificates Project that involves a set of tools to issue, display, and verify digital credentials using the Bitcoin blockchain and the Mozilla Open Badges specification.

“Blockchain verification flips the current power arrangement in higher education by giving learners control over their official documents. Today, most evidence of achievement is bottled up in a proprietary information system or stored unofficially on a piece of paper framed on a wall or lost in a box in the garage. Jailbreaking the credential is about every learner being able to directly see and share verified evidence of what they have achieved. A curated view of one’s achievements, shared at whatever level of granularity is appropriate, puts the learner’s privacy and self-expression on equal footing with institutional demand for proof,” said Learning Machine President and COO Dan Hughes.

The developers emphasize that version 1 of the software is intended as a useful starting point for other researchers and experimental projects. For institutions looking to roll out digital credential systems, the developers recommend waiting for version 2, which will be fundamentally redesigned. Version 2 and future versions will be released under the same MIT open-source license.

ML is a new MIT Media Lab initiative that promotes creative learning. Learning Machine is a global provider of enterprise software for mission-driven organizations with an emphasis on higher education.