Kin Foundation And Unity Engine Partner For Software Integration Business

Blockchain, Innovation, News | January 25, 2019 By:

Game developers have a new tool for mobile game creating, promoting and monetizing. 

Kin mobile gaming and the Unity engine have teamed on the app Kin SDK for Unitynow available in the Unity Asset Store. Unity developers can easily integrate Kin into their mobile games, enabling them to create user experiences that reward social interaction.  

For its part, Kin will enable peer-to-peer transactions in games focused on creating social communities and high interactions between users, while the developers creating them can spark user interest and incentivize players – starting with Unity.

The Kin Software Development Kit (SDK) for Unity allows developers flexibility when creating their user interface and custom Kin gaming experiences. Developed with Prime31, a Unity Asset Store publisher, the Kin SDK for Unity offers Unity developers access to the Kin Blockchain, cutting the backend complexity.  

The Kin SDK for Unity allows developers to do the following: 

●      Open new Kin accounts

●      Create Kin wallets

●      Provide ways to earn and spend Kin in games 

 For players, it enables:

●      Earning and spending Kin in games

●      User-to-user interactions (e.g. sending Kin to other players; player participation in pools or challenges; etc.)

●      Keeping track of Kin balances

The new app takes advantage of research that shows 58 percent of developers have ‘below average’ expertise with blockchain, but nearly half of them view cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as an area of interest or a potential strategy or solution for their business.

 Some examples of how Kin can work in a game include:

●      Keeping your users playing through peer-to-peer experiences, giving extra lives, or offering bonuses for joining or helping a team

●      Creating excitement for in-game peer-to-peer challenges

●      Boosting engagement by recognizing players for in-game achievements and participation with badges and rewards

●      Rewarding players with Kin for liking and sharing, or letting players tip each other for a game well played.

Kin operates on the Kin Blockchain, which the company claims can process more than 100 transactions per second, solving many of the latency issues that coins on other blockchains face.

Once connected to exchanges, this secure blockchain will also offer developers liquidity, allowing them to use Kin to refuel their in-app Kin economies, or support the continued viability of their business model.

The Kin SDK for Unity is currently available for Android developers. The iOS for developers is expected in the coming weeks. A Kin and Unity developer program is also planned.

Learn more about the Beta-Kin SDK on Unity here.